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Tiny Chef 1.6.6

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Run your own mini restaurant

This program can no longer be downloaded

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  • Cute graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy to play


  • Very boring without bucks!

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded

Tiny Chef is a cute game in which you get to create and manage your own restaurant.

You start as a chef in a very basic little restaurant with a small staff, few resources, and a very limited repertoire of recipes. The aim of Tiny Chef is to grow your restaurant by learning new recipes, installing new equipment and furniture, and making life easier for your staff.

Tiny Chef works in a similar way to mobile strategy games such as City Story or Zombie Farm, in that you need game currency in order to buy items and learn new recipes. Some of this money can be gained from customers coming through your door, or by passing certain achievements, but eventually you'll need to buy chef bucks with real money via Tiny Chef's in-app purchasing system.

Tiny Chef is great fun to play and the cutesy graphics and sounds really pull you into the game and away from the outside world. Building up your restaurant is incredibly addictive, and seeing it grow is very satisfying. When you're out of bucks or experience points to buy stuff it can get boring though, as there is nothing to do except wait. For this reason, the more patient you are the cheaper Tiny Chef is!

It would be nice to see more in the way of social features in Tiny Chef, such as the ability to visit friends' restaurants. Also we'd like to see more ways in which to earn chef bucks, such as buy cleaning other players' dishes, for instance!

Tiny Chef is a cute and fun simulation that will keep you chained to your virtual kitchen for ages.

Bug Fixes and performance improvements


  • Bug Fixes and performance improvements

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